New year

It’s still January so I guess there is a few more days for some new year resolutions !

The main thing I see right now is that I want to take a bit more time and write the things I don’t take the time to write. Well that’s a convoluted sentence. Anyway … You might want to know why right ? Well it’s not for you primarily (sorry :p) but for me. Why is that ? Simple enough, I figured out that wirting things down was helping me a lot structuring the ideas I get every day, into a coherent ensemble (well sometimes! some ideas are just too crazy or studid but hey we all have those right?). Discarding the ones that are bad will clear up some thought for new ones and writing down the good ones will allow me to formulate a plan to get them done.

There always seems to be something more urgent than writing, or so that’s what it has always been for me. But besides being a (probably) good experience and a good outlet for structuring thought processes, I’m hoping that it will also make me gain time by having having a more coherent and structured thought process. At least I’m hoping !

See you in the next post ! ;)